Resources and Help for Elderly Abuse and Neglect

Do you need to find help for an elderly abuse neglect issue, for yourself or a loved one?

The number one rule is: If there is immediate danger of harm, call 911 or local Emergency Response. Also please review our How Do I Report Elderly Abuse? page for additional instructions.

There are numerous agencies, organizations and individuals that can provide assistance with elder abuse neglect cases, including nursing home abuse and nursing home malpractice, financial abuse of the elderly, personal injury, wrongful death and more.

You can find the most important elder abuse resources below.

Elder Abuse Lawyer

Adult Protective Services

Adult Protective Services (APS) agencies exist at the national, state and local levels. In many instances, APS caseworkers are the first responders to reports of elderly abuse, neglect and exploitation. Learn more about Adult Protective Services from the National Center on Elder Abuse website.

Health and Medical Professionals

Doctors, specialists and medical professionals play a key role in identifying and treating abuse. A trusted doctor or personal physician may be the first person that recognizes the symptoms of abuse, or is told of a problem.

Local Law Enforcement Personnel

Law enforcement are sometimes first responders to elderly abuse, particularly if the abuse is physically aggravated and is reported first by a family member of the victim. Law enforcement personnel can help ensure the safety of a victim and begin the investigative process.

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Friends and Family

The concerned and aware friends and family of victims of elderly abuse are often the first line of defense in cases of elder abuse neglect, nursing home abuse and nursing home malpractice, financial abuse of the elderly, personal injury and wrongful death. Seniors isolated from family and friends are at much greater risk of abuse. If you suspect a loved one is suffering, please speak up!

Legal Professionals

Professional nursing home abuse lawyers, elder abuse lawyers, assisted living abuse lawyers, and home health elder abuse lawyers are not simply a last resort: expert attorneys in the field of elder abuse can provide support at any stage. Obviously, in matters of litigation a qualified elderly abuse attorney is crucial to navigating the complexities of litigation, arbitration and elderly abuse settlements.

Always remember: You are not alone. Elderly abuse neglect is a more common problem than anyone would like, and there is a support system in place to help identify problems and provide help to victims.

Awareness and the courage to act are critical to halting elderly abuse and holding the responsible parties accountable. Do not let a suspected problem go unchallenged: contact Moran Law immediately to get the informed assistance you need.