Medical Malpractice Not every unfortunate medical outcome is the result of medical malpractice, there are inherent risks in any medical procedure.However, doctors do commit errors and Moran Law is available to help: we are the most successful California law firm that advocates on behalf of elderly victims of medical malpractice!

Elderly nursing home residents can fall victim to a variety of medical malpractice scenarios, including:

• Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis
• Surgical errors
• Prescription drug or medication errors
• Medical injuries due to negligence
• Product liability and medical devices
• Monitoring errors or failure to supervise
• Failure to advise regarding treatment, or receive patient approval
• Breach of doctor-patient confidentiality

Moran Law offers an experienced and comprehensive approach to medical malpractice cases involving elderly in skilled nursing homes. Our team of elderly abuse neglect lawyers receives support from our own expert staff of medical consultants who specialize in malpractice issues.

Trust Moran Law to provide you with professional, qualified legal support. Elderly patients are overwhelmingly likely to be silent victims of medical malpractice, either unable to speak up as a result of their condition, or left isolated and without help to advocate on their behalf.

If you suspect a loved one has been the victim of a medical malpractice issue, please contact Moran Law immediately to receive the medical malpractice, personal injury or wrongful death support needed to ensure justice.