Pressure Sores

Pressure sores, or bed sores, are an unfortunately common occurrence for elderly in the care of nursing homes.

Pressure Sores

Pressure sores, or bed sores, are common occurrence for elderly in the care of nursing homes, assisted living facilities or caretakers. A recent Nursing home pressure sores study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed more than 1 in 10 nursing home residents suffered from pressures sores, with an even higher rate of occurrence for nursing home patients less than 1 year in care.

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When a nursing home or care facility fails to meet its obligations to provide proper care, pressure sores are a consequence. Moran Law is experienced at successfully holding improper care providers accountable. We are fully committed to help you or your loved one, and our team of elder abuse lawyers will do whatever is necessary to help you recover maximum compensation.

What Are Pressure Sores?

A pressure sore (decubitus ulcer) is an open sore on the skin caused by excessive pressure, typically in elderly as a result of improper nursing home care. With proper assisted living care, including regular turning or repositioning, pressure sores can be avoided. Nursing home neglect, including malnutrition and dehydration, can also contribute to chronic and debilitating pressure sores, which can result in much more serious complications and injuries.

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If you notice pressure sores or suspect elderly abuse, discuss your concerns as soon as possible with experienced nursing home lawyers. abuse lawyer. Moran Law is a 2014 Litigator Awards™ Winner in Nursing Home Abuse, with an experienced and compassionate team of elder abuse lawyers ready to help. Contact us as soon as possible. Moran Law can assist you in getting immediate intervention and help for your loved one, with the professional legal expertise you need to hold the parties responsible and help recover maximum compensation.
If you or a loved one has been injured, neglected, exploited or abused while in the care of a California nursing home, assisted living facility, home health agency or caretaker, contact Moran Law to access our team of exceptional elderly abuse attorneys.

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