Sepsis Resulting from Elderly Neglect or Abuse

Sepsis is a severe inflammatory response to infection. This response can cause a variety of additional symptoms and maladies, and is most dangerous to the elderly, who may have weakened immune systems. Unrecognized or incorrectly treated, sepsis can progress to septic shock and be deadly. A recent study from the National Institutes of Health reveals the dangers of sepsis for elderly patients, particularly those receiving assisted living or nursing care.

Sepsis is a dangerous illness, but it is also preventable and typically responds well to timely treatment. This is why professional, attentive and proactive nursing care is so important: serious injury and deaths due to sepsis are largely preventable, as long as conditions of elderly neglect and/or abuse are not present.

Sepsis in Nursing Homes

The elderly are at increased risk of sepsis due to aging and chronic illness, but the greatest risk comes from nursing staff or caretakers who are not familiar with the symptoms of sepsis, are not trained to be aware of the dangers, or do not respond aggressively enough with medical treatment to ensure the sepsis does not progress to something more dangerous.

Failures in these cases are preventable and can be litigated as cases of medical malpractice or elderly negligence. Patients suffering from sepsis may be unable to seek the help they need, or even make others aware of their deteriorating condition; therefore, it is important that family members and loved ones are attentive and seek help immediately if something amiss is noticed.

Southern California Elder Abuse Lawyers for Sepsis

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