Mission Statement

Elderly Abuse Attorneys and Advocates for the Elderly

At the heart of our mission is the understanding that we are not just attorneys, we are members of and participants in a living, growing community. It is our passion to serve the greater interests of our community by advocating for the basic health, safety and rights of the elderly, who are among the most vulnerable and victimized of our fellow citizens, and who also in many cases lack the ability to speak out on their own behalf.

It is our role as family members that partially informs our desire to be elder law thoughtleaders. We are not just a recourse of last resort when an elderly abuse lawsuit is needed, but also a resource for our community. Moran Law is dedicated to providing leadership on all matters of elderly advocacy, including taking an active role in philanthropy aimed at assisting seniors in need.

One of our most important community-directed initiatives is our Nursing Home and In-Service Education Program. We provide free consulting services and ongoing contact with nursing homes, Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFEs), assisted living facilities and individual caregivers on issues relating to elderly quality of care, safety and best practices. By helping uplift quality of care for seniors in assisted care environments, we are making a difference by raising awareness and reducing the likelihood of accidents, injury and neglect.

Our attorneys also donate their time and expertise to a variety of legal organizations on matters involving advocacy for the elderly, including education programs through the State Bar of California.

Thank you for taking a moment to let us share our passion as advocates for the elderly. Moran Law is committed as a matter of principle to assisting the most vulnerable members of our community, we hope you will join with us in making the lives of our seniors as happy, healthy and safe as possible.