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Training for RCFE Administrators

Mr. Michael Moran dedicates his time and professional career to protecting one of the most vulnerable segments of our society, the elderly. Mr. Moran prosecutes cases for elder abuse and neglect against nursing homes and residential care facilities for the elderly. However, he views lawsuits and litigation as a remedy of last resort. His primary…


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How Can an Elder Law Attorney Protect My Loved Ones?

Elder law attorneys advocate for our loved ones and elders everywhere. These attorneys handle a wide range of legal matterspertinent to an elderly person’s life. These issues include long term care planning, guardianship, retirement, Social Security, Medicare/Medi-Cal and other health care related issues. Many elder law attorneys are considered “specialists” given their career emphasis on…


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Top 5 Reasons for Retaining an Elder Abuse Attorney

When looking for an attorney, you will find that there are many attorneys who specialize in different areas of the law. That is why it is important to research the type of attorney you need before you start contacting law firms for representation. You do not want to retain a Probate Attorney to represent you…


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The Fight Against Elder Neglect: Under-reported, Underfunded, and Unrepresented

Many Americans have no idea how prevalent Elder Abuse and Neglect is in our society today. Elder and vulnerable/dependent adult abuse affects millions of people in the U.S. It occurs regularly in long term care settings such as skilled nursing homes and assisted living facilities. It has been reported that our senior population is plagued…


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Common Problems Facing Nursing Home Residents

Elderly people who enter nursing homes often lose their primary physician because most doctors do not practice in nursing homes. the fee rate is low for physicians, and doctors are not eager to travel to the facilities. The doctors who do care for the patients often know very little about the patients past or current…


What is Elder Abuse

What is Elder Abuse?

Every year, thousands of our seniors enter nursing homes and assisted living communities. If your loved one has been injured, contact the top nursing home attorney in California.


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uti elderly symptoms

The elderly are more likely to experience Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) and they can be more susceptible and vulnerable to them than the rest of the population.