Choking in the Elderly

Choking in the Elderly is a frighteningly common cause of death in nursing homes, and even less serious incidences can create catastrophic consequences, including permanent brain damage. Many elderly care recipients suffer from conditions that cause difficulty chewing or swallowing food. It is the duty of nursing homes and care providers that know of these difficulties to support additional measures to ensure the health and safety of their patients.

Common incidences of nursing home negligence that result in choking personal injuries and wrongful death include:

  • Failure to prepare food properly
  • Failure to enforce diet restrictions
  • Neglect of proper feeding tube procedures and maintenance
  • Failure to supervise patients while eating
  • Lack of training in preventative measures

Tragic accidents can happen such as retired Boeing engineer Harvey Cohoon, however the vast majority of nursing home choking accidents are preventable and result from some aspect of negligence, mismanaged care or elderly abuse. In these instances, Moran Elder Law is available to assist you with your Choking in the Elderly California case of nursing home neglect, personal injury and wrongful death.

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