Moran Law is the most experienced and most successful litigator in California cases involving Home Health Care elder abuse and neglect.

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Elder Abuse and Neglect by Home Health Care

Moran Law is the most experienced, most successful litigator in California cases involving issues of Home Health Care elder abuse and issues of elder abuse neglect. Moran Law is a 2014 Litigator Awards™ Recipient in Nursing Home Abuse, and a longstanding partner with California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform (CANHR), the leading state non-profit devoted to improving the choices, care, and quality of life for California’s managed healthcare residents.
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The Signs of Home Health Care Elder Abuse or Neglect May Include:

Home Health Care agencies are licensed by the California Department of Public Health and must comply with a comprehensive list of regulations. Each year, Home Health Care agencies that fail to meet their regulatory obligations are responsible for thousands of injuries and wrongful deaths of elderly patients and are held accountable through millions of dollars mandatory compensation paid to affected families.

Home Health Care patients may be unable to communicate abuse or neglect due to their mental of physical condition, or be unwilling to do so for fear of additional mistreatment.

If you suspect you or your loved one is the victim of mental, physical, financial abuse or neglect at the hands of a Home Health Care agency, contact Moran Law immediately to consult with a qualified California home health care abuse lawyer. We will help protect you or your loved one’s health and safety and explore all legal options to satisfy your case.

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If you suspect you or your loved one may be the victim of mental, physical or financial abuse or neglect from a Home Health Care agency, it is imperative to seek help immediately. The experienced, compassionate, and motivated team of Southern California elder abuse and neglect attorneys at Moran Law are available to assist you. We can intervene to stop the abuse immediately, secure the health and safety of you or your loved one, and pursue the full spectrum of legal remedies. 

Contact Moran Law as soon as possible to discuss your concerns and explore your options with a qualified California elder abuse attorney.

If you or a loved one has been injured, neglected, exploited, or abused while in the care of a California nursing home, assisted living facility, home health care agency, or caretaker, contact Moran Law to access our team of exceptional elder abuse attorneys.