Wrongful Death

If you suspect the wrongful death of your loved one as a result of gross negligence or nursing home abuse, you have the option of pursuing legal action.

Oftentimes, subpar nursing homes leave telltale signs of neglect and abuse on innocent victims. If any of these go unchecked, it can lead to serious injury and even death.

Bedsores – Wounds that occur when a patient lies in the same position for extended periods of time. If staff members do not rotate patients every two hours or so, these wounds can worsen and become infected.

Assault – Unfortunately, we hear about this sign more than we should. Certain staff members take out their frustration on defenseless elderly patients. Assault can range from physical abuse, such as slapping or punching to sexual abuse.

Slip and fall – Frail patients need even more assistance and attention than other patients. If a frail patient is neglected or not accompanied when walking, he or she can have a serious fall, resulting in bruising, broken bones or even death.

Medical misdiagnosis – This occurs when a doctor over-medicates a patient in order to keep them compliant or carelessly prescribes medications that can give a patient a fatal adverse reaction.
Improper or excessive use of restraints – Restraints are sometimes used in order to prevent a distressed patient from harming him or herself. However, when the restraints are too tight and/or left on for too long, this can result in broken bones or internal bleeding.

Malnutrition – The body heals properly when it’s nourished and hydrated. When elderly patients are deprived of nutrients and water, they become weakened and their health will continue to deteriorate.

Dealing with the death of a loved one is hard, particularly if it was a result of negligence or abuse that occurred in a nursing home, two things that should never happen at all.

If you suspect abuse or neglect of any kind, contact the nursing home’s ombudsman or local authorities immediately. With the help of authorities and our professional team of nursing home abuse attorneys, Moran Law can help seek justice for your loved ones.