Don’t Worry about RCFE Staff Neglect

Elder people commonly admit to an RCFE facility to enjoy nursing home standard care. The majority of those people who are very old or who are not capable enough to take care of themselves take refuge under the shadow of reputed RCFE. They are normally called the names like assisted living, parental care, or something like that. feels proud to announce that their attorneys can withstand you in case RCFE staff neglect or abuse your elder fellow.

Brookdale Senior Living, Sunrise Senior Living, Vintage Senior Living

    1. Licensed for over 100 beds
    2. May have separate dementia/memory care units – secured units
    3. Resort-like
  • 6-Pack RCFE Facilities

    1. Mom and pop
    2. Administrators oftentimes the owner
    3. Licensed for 6 residents
    4. Live-in caregivers

    1. Staff – Caregivers, NOT NURSES
    2. By law, cannot provide MEDICAL CARE or TREATMENT
      • Limited to first aid care only
      • No wound care
      • Cannot assess residents
      • Must report all changes in condition to the physician and family
    3. Can only assist with Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s)
      • Bathing
      •  Grooming
      • Hygiene
      • Toileting
      • Feeding
      • Transfers
      • Ambulation

    1. Title 22 California Code of Regulations, starting at section 87000

    1. Stage 3 or 4 pressure sores
    2. Gastrostomy care
    3. Naso-gastric tubes
    4. Staph infections or other serious infections
    5. Residents who require others to perform all ADL’s for them
    6. Tracheostomies

    1. Administration of oxygen
    2. Catheter care
    3. Colostomy care
    4. Contractures
    5. Diabetes
    6. Enemas
    7. Incontinence of bowel and bladder
    8. Injections
    9. Stage 1 or 2 pressure sores
    10. Wound care

    1. SERVICE PLAN – initiated at admission and updated when there is a change. When Service Plan is updated, the facility must meet with the family/resident.
    2. Arbitration Agreement – BEWARE. Typically buried in Admission Agreement.
    3. Change of Condition – The facility must notify physicians and families of changes in condition

    1. Surveys once every 2-3 years
    2. As to review prior surveys. Must be kept at the facility.
    3. Complaints – submit to the district office where the facility is located
    4. Show district contact info sheet

Responsibilities of RCFE staff:

our legal attorney will make sure whether the RCFE staff had provided sufficient facilities to the patient or not. The staff at RCFE is accountable for providing cleaning facilities to the patient, and bathing services in addition to laundry and housekeeping facilities as well. Remember that RCFE staff is not doing these duties for FREE. They are being paid for these services. They do have a certified administrator and they cannot leave the patient unattended at all. If the patient has suffered badly due to their ignorance then they must be punished.

To make the right choice, all you need to do is to contact and leave the responsibility on our shoulders. Our skilled attorney will observe the patient and the facilities available at RCFE. He will take you through the complaint process in a professional manner. Don’t think for a second that you cannot bring the guilty to justice or you do not have enough time to proceed with the file suit or something like that. The reason is that has the skilled force, technical expertise, and passion to help all those sufferers who are hesitant to proceed with their cases. Hence, do not worry about the RCFE abuse at all because we are here to serve you at our best. Just hire us and relax.