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Moran Law, a law firm of elder abuse attorneys in California are the Advocates For The Elderly. The law firm took its fight against elder abuse to the next level with two lawsuits against the Breakers of Long Beach, an assisted living facility for the elderly.

Upon its opening in 1926, the Breakers began as a 14-story luxury hotel, located on the oceanfront in Long Beach, CA. After changing hands several times during the intervening years, it eventually reopened in 1990 as a nursing home and retirement village.

Advocating for Patient Who Died While in Defendant’s Care

As recounted in an article in the Long Beach Press Telegram, an elder abuse attorney with Moran Law filed suit against the Breakers in two cases of elder abuse, one of which led to the death of a resident of the facility.

In the first case, the Breakers staff admitted a resident in early September of 2012. Within a day of his admittance, the patient sustained a wound to his leg that required stitches. The injury was serious enough that it required scheduling a follow-up appointment with a home health care agency. However, the Breakers staff failed to coordinate the appointment, and the resident failed to receive the treatment he required.

The result of this failure on the part of the nursing home was that the wound festered, and the patient developed Sepsis, an infection of the blood.

The patient’s health worsened over the following month, and he died on October 11, 2012.

This resulted in the following actions by the California Department of Social Services:

  • An investigation into the care (or lack of) provided by the nursing home
  • Issuance of a citation to the Breakers for violating state regulations

A California elder abuse attorney with Moran Law immediately brought an action against the home, citing elder abuse.

Advocating for Patient with Dementia

In the second case, attorney advocates with Moran Law represented a patient suffering from dementia who, while under the care of the Breakers staff, became dehydrated, developed pneumonia, and suffered repeatedly from urinary tract infections. Plaintiff’s attorneys contended the Breakers failed in its legal obligations to provide appropriate care to the patient.

An Orange County elder abuse attorney with Moran Law alleged the following:

  • The patient should not have been a candidate for assisted living in the first place, due to the patient’s dementia
  • The Breakers failed to provide adequate care to the patient
  • This failure resulted in a decline of the patient’s personal hygiene
  • Unhygienic surroundings led to the recurring UTIs
  • The Breakers failed to transfer patient to urgent care facilities when patient’s condition worsened

Unwavering Advocacy for the Rights of the Elderly

In both cases, an Orange County elder abuse lawyer with Moran Law convinced defendants to agree to confidential settlements.

In its efforts to protect the aged, Moran Law hires skilled attorneys who tirelessly work to protect the rights of elderly patients who have suffered neglect, abuse, or injury at the hands of those who are supposed to be caring for them.

Moran law has successfully won settlements in actions against the following:

In doing so, it has earned a reputation as one of the finest, most highly esteemed Elder Care law practices in California. Contact us for a Free Case Evaluation and Medical Chart Review.