Training for RCFE Administrators

RCFE Administrators

Mr. Michael Moran dedicates his time and professional career to protecting one of the most vulnerable segments of our society, the elderly. Mr. Moran prosecutes cases of elder abuse and neglect against nursing homes and residential care facilities for the elderly. However, he views lawsuits and litigation as a remedy of last resort. His primary goal is to foster and promote better practices and processes when caring for the elderly. Mr. Moran freely spends his time and lends his expertise in an effort to educate the very industry which he challenges in the courtroom.
From giving interviews on local radio shows, to speaking to nursing staff at convalescent homes, Mr. Moran’s fundamental objective is to ensure the safety and security of California’s elderly population, both through education and by promoting awareness of common issues concerning elder abuse and neglect in various care settings.
On June 28, 2016, Mr. Moran spoke to a group of assisted living administrators. He spoke to the group about common health and safety issues faced by the elderly in the assisted living setting, which he, unfortunately, must confront on a daily basis in his professional practice.
Mr. Moran gives his time, free of charge, to groups like this in hopes that his legal practice and trial skills will one day no longer be needed. Mr. Moran will continue to devote his time and resources to educate the industry charged with the privilege and responsibility of caring for our elderly, and when necessary, he will not hesitate to hold members of that industry accountable for violating the venerable responsibility entrusted to them.